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The bravest of hearts with no limitations,
The strongest of souls with no comparism,
The finest of beings on earth with no stains;
That bring lights from barely no source,
Are found nowhere but where I call home.

Though, everything seems all right,
Even when everything is breaking up inside.
Obviousely, it is seen everywhere around.
At where I call home, life is not what it used to be.

Even when I struggle to survive alone,
And face the storms that arise everyday,
When the shadows descend endlessly,
And everyman pants worrilly in vain,
Straight my head shall stand and hopefully;
I shall strive and struggle and succeed someday,
For where I call home, that's what it takes.

From where I stand below a mountain,
Protruding into the sky as if it'll never end,
A mountain of sweats and stresses. Struggles and breaths,
I see a future so bright and glitters at every direction.
The future of where I call home; our unripe fruits,
The fruits of evergreen trees like me shall ripe.

Poem By:

S. Arewa Olayinka

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