Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work

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Long distance relationships can be challenging and often difficult. A hundred years ago, the farthest a woman might look for a suitor was the farm near by meanwhile; with the advent of the automobile, any lady might find the man of her dreams in the next city or even, any country in the world.

Long-distance relationships, being a mordern phenomenon do, however have unique difficulties. The success of a long distance relationship might depend on either the couples adopt the "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" or the "Out of sight, out of mind" philosophy. The chance of having the long-distance relationship worked out is high if the former is believed and adopted by both parties.

Useful Tips

Do you keep or may likely keep a long-distance relationship? Here are some tips that can help you keep the home fires burning when both of you are farther apart.

Commitment and Seriousness

The most important thing to consider first in the relationship are individual's commitment and seriousness with the relationship. It is important that both of you.agree on the level of commitment you expect from the relationship. It won't feel nice if one of you sees the relationship as serious, commited and monogamous, while the other sees it as a fun and flirty fling as this may cause problem down the road.
It is important to make sure that both of you are on the same page and have mutual feelings and expectations in the relationship before throwing your heart into long distance relationship.


Sit down with your partner and communicate openly and honestly about how each of you views the relationship, where you see it going and what you expect from each other.
Making sure you are in agreement from the outset as to where your relationship is heading sets a firm foundation for the future amd helps to avoid disappointment down the road.

Constant Communication

While communication is a key in any relationship but, in the case of long-distance relationship; regular communication is crucial.
What more, besides many means through which we can usually communicate; today's technology provides us with more beautiful and inclisive means of communication. Thus; instead of sending ordinary notes or letter, you can send emails with animations and for your eyes only images as attachments.
The use of social sites and instant messages are also there! You may decide to dedicate some minutes in some specified days for online chatting. This will not only boost your passion and feelings for each other but also, make you feel as though you were never apart.

Sacrefice and Understanding

Though, in a long distance-relationship, moments of togetherness, either on telephone or in person is a cherished commodity. Understanding and your willingness to compromise some certain things is an important factor or determinant of success in a long-distance relationship.
Readily, be willing to drop or abandone whatever you're doing, however important it is to your personal satisfaction for the time being whenever your patner calls in. Knowingfully, it is perhaps the time he or she needs your attention for she will not call when he or she needs not you.

I am sure, the tips given above will improve any long-distance relationship at least; to some lenght if followed.

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