Three Crucial Stages of Wooing you Should Know- How-to

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Approaching or wooing; as you may love to call it is a practice everybody especially; males must practise and it's full of fun for those guys that know how it works however, it may not be so with the coward ones! Meanwhile, there are steps and actions you shouldn't shun so to add strenght to your experience at wooing. And each are explained briefly below within this article.

If you don't believe in your own product, why should anyone else do? This is important in as much as flirting is like sales. Body language is the easiest way to project your confidence.

Mentain good posture, a beaming smile and a self-assured attitude should make you irresistible!

Racy Comments:
Avoid the use of racy comments like; "You are SOOO sexy." and others in your first approuch for this communicate much of whom you are before whoever you are commenting. Instead, say; "You look beautiful in this..." Any wonder why some ladies ended up with booty calls, instead of boyfriends or some lads being insulted instead of being welcomed.

Just as beauty also lies in simplicity, most other simple things are mostly effective. This one thing is common with us all; we all loved to be respected.

Introduce yourself honourably. Say; "Any offence at knowing your name, miss? I'm james" rather than, "What's your girl?" and follow up your introduction with, "So what brought you here today?" and see where the conversation goes. Hopefully he or she will take the reins.

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